Sunday, October 3, 2010

Awesomeness, all around

HOKAY! Lots to share from the past week.
On monday, I had 3D design. We began our foam cor sculptures. Here's mine, above, which I finished up this weekend. It was a pain in the ass. I don't think I'll do very well on it. But good news? I actually got As on both the plasticine and wire portion. Wow, wasn't expecting it.
After 3D was life drawing! Woo. Here are the warm up gestures we did

She made us do this one with our non-dominate hand. She said it would be the best gesture we'll do all day...I do like it a bit
After warm ups, we did a contour exercise, where we construct the entire figure with ovoid shapes. It looks super lumpy x)
Then we began on the next assignment, which was a continous line drawing, focusing on the entire room, not just the model. I'm not exactly sure what this assignment is supposed to teach us, she put a lot of importance on having foreground, middle ground, and background?
Also, this model got a boner in class? o.O weird...I didn't see it from the side though
Our homework assignment was a hand exercise. We are supposed to draw some 5-6 hand sketches, pick one, and construct the bones underneath. This is my big hand, you can kinda see the bone drawing below it
And here are the bones...this assignment was tough because she didn't talk about it at all. Maybe it's not actually due yet? She's vague sometimes, she'll say a million things in class so you forget the important stuff, like what we're actually supposed to do
Here are my sketches
After that I stayed for extra!

My friend Mike said he liked these....Now, Mike is probably the most talented guy in class, so I like sitting next to him to see what he does and such, and occassionally, when he's not feeling like an asshole, he'll help you :) I didn't really like these, I dunno what he sees in em

On Tuesday, I did some sketching in my sketchbook in the cafeteria. I need to do this more often, my sketchbook is empty empty empty and that deadline is racing toward me. Yikes. Gotta get to the zoo sometime too
I had imaging systems on tuesday as well. We started perspective. This is what I did all class (bad pic, my apologies). It was super boring, and god, I hate making those ellipses.
Tuesday I didn't go to extra, I went to yoga instead! Ahhh it was so nice.
Wednesday was color theory. We did more motif work, after giving my presentation on process color (which went fairly well). This week was the complementary and analogous color schemes. I worked all day today to finish them. I like my analogous one a lot (I hope I did it right though) My complementary....not so much. It's messy, the colors are kind of off. Maybe I'll redo it. But each one of these takes about 4 hours, so thats a lot of extra effort on my part. We'll see what she says next class.
Wednesday extra life yet again!

On thursday, no class. But I did start doing some head studies from Burn Hogarth. I suck at faces, I'm trying to take steps at getting better at them.

Thursday afternoon I went with Christian (my new boyfriend....oh man thats so weird to say!) to Mississauga (yes, the famed Mississauga) We went to Chapters, as I'd never been. It's just like Borders, by the way. Then we went to Square One, this giant mall, and walked around a bit. After that I went to his condo, which has a stunning view on the 24th floor (24th! Buildings in Boulder don't get taller than 5!) The sunsets are beautiful there. But, we hung out so long I missed extra life. Never again! Although he finally did kiss me that night, so I guess it was worth it.
On Friday I went to 2D design. She handed back our last project, so here are pictures. Sorry the final picture sucks. I got one of the highest grades in class, mostly because my thumbnail work was well done (below) I guess the process is very important to her, which will teach good habits.

We are starting our next project, which is a rhythm in architecture design thing...we spent the whole class walking around campus and taking pictures. I haven't started any of the thumbnail work yet though.
Friday evening me and Christian and Tahini walked alllll the way to Lake Ontario from Sheridan. Its 2 miles each way! Bleh. But when we got there it was very pretty and nice out. We sat for awhile and then came back, right as it started to get super cold! Goodbye, summer. When we got back I warmed up and ate some food and called it a night.
Saturday I did some homework, then we all did some errands in my car for our international potluck. I cooked Beanie weenies (american), Chris and Bryce made poutine (Canadian), Amy make perogies (not really sure haha), and Tahini made chicken curry (well, thai curry. it was supposed to be chicken curry). We didn't sit down to eat until 10 because it took so long, but it was soooooo good. I ate a lot. Kind of a weird mash up of food though. After that, some of my classmates (Curtis, Pat, and Jake) came over, as they had just moved into an apartment across the street. We went to their apartment and had some crazy conversations on the floor, since they don't have any furniture yet. It interesting night?
Today was all homework, actually, just color theory homework so far. Gonna start my 2D work after some dinner and maybe a shower and then go to bed for my long day tomorrow.
I don't even feel like I'm in school. It's just like...awesomeness. All around.

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  1. Ha! Love the part about the new boyfriend. Broke up the story really well. How come your lovely readers don't get a picture of him? ;-)

    I agree with Mike about the 2 min set.