Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reading week

This week there haven't been a lot of new projects, so there isn't much to say school wise. Above is a paper bag painting I did in class for color theory. I chose to turn this one in over my grey scale box painting from last week, I think this one looks a little more interesting, although I had to rush the shadows, and they look very flat. I don't like having to finish entire paintings in a two and a half hour time limit, it is very stressful, especially with my crazy teacher running around and yelling at everyone. Plus, we're not allowed to listen to any music, which makes it terribly hard to get in the zone for painting. I get really distracted.
Extra life didn't go super well this week. Most of these are from a batch I forgot to post last week. I forgot how well they went. I did a lot of quick blind contour work, then went back and put in the final lines darker. It led to some very exaggerated figures, which I liked a lot. I should try it again some time.

I did eventually decide to start looking and drawing though. It went well, I think the blind contour was a good warm up exercise for me. Sorry this pictures are at a bit of an angle. I'm not the most determined person in photographing my drawings professionally, there are just too many!

This is my favorite, although I did a little doodle off the side and I'm really mad I did >_<

This stuff is all from this week on wednesday. We had a terrible model on thursday, I didn't get anything worth posting from her.

Highlights from the week:
Tuesday was ribs night at the local sports pub. 1 rib for $1.70. Drink required. 3 ribs and a coke for less than $10. I will be going back, that's for sure. Later that night I went on a late night walk down to the lake with Tahini and my friend Josh. We talked about many things, and enjoyed the stars and the moonlight on the lake. It was very nice.
Thursday night me, Tahini, Mike, and Christian planned on going to see the midnight showing of Paranormal Activity 2, but there was a mix up and the theater went to that was supposed to be showing it (acccording to the internet) wasn't. So we saw Case 39 instead, which was alright. I don't really like horror films much, not because they're scary, but just because I don't think they're very interesting in the end.
Friday night I enjoyed some drinks and company down the hall with my friends and our RA. We hung out and talked. It was nice. Tonight was much of the same, except with a few less people and tacos. Then Bryce gave me 2 gigs of music from his computer. I will be compensating him with some from mine tomorrow. Most everyone has taken off, since we have the next week off. This is known as reading week, which is supposed to help us catch up on homework/a time when teachers can give us super big projects. I don't really have any, nor was I given anything big. I considered taking a trip, but I will be staying here and working on my portfolio a whole bunch instead, although I may go for a drive later in the week somewhere to see the fall colors, maybe do some landscape sketches. I also want to visit the zoo to do some sketching, although the price is a little outrageous. $23 to go to the zoo for the day, how ridiculous.
Other than that, I will be doing more photoshop experimentation, as well as real painting and experimenting with other media. I'm really looking for a factor that's going to set my calarts portfolio above the rest. I also need to do some comic book/storyboard work for my portfolio, caricature investigations, and filling up my sketchbook at the mall. Besides that, I want to begin my sheridan portfolio, so I'll be working on the character design portion quite a bit, and maybe the hand and room drawings too. Extra life is still on this week, so I'll be doing that too. Sounds like a lot of work, but I'm looking forward to all of it!

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