Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So....last weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I spent the whole thing holed up in my room doing homework. Literally, 8 hours a day of homework. I didn't get ANY personal artwork done, like I promised myself. BUT SOON.
I DID do some pumpkin carving. You can see mine on the right up there, a pumpkin saluting the world with a martini glass (it was supposed to be a beer, but the martini glass got the idea across better) We did these carvings at maybe midnight on Saturday. After some consideration, and the realization we had nowhere to actually put our pumpkins (the hallway??) we decided to go have a little fun and leave them around the school. So we did just that.
My friend Curtis (who incidentally looks exactly like Zac Efron, just for reference) did most of the work (kudos to him). His first choice location was on a ledge over the door to the SCAET building (which houses all of the computer animation and film classrooms) Of course, the SCAET building is made completely of windows...and a spot for one of the security desks. Actually, you can see it in this picture above. He jumped up there, a security guard appeared behind him, and didn't even see him as he jumped down and we ran off. We came back later to do some adjustments to the pumpkin, as it was meant to be puking. Me and Tahini's pumpkins landed in a similar location by the A wing, although in an area with less windows.
The pumpkins are still there too :)

Last thursday I went to extra, didn't get much I liked though. The model had some intense black dreads (extensions) that got in the way of a lot

Here's some handiwork from my other classes:

This is the continuous line/atmospheric drawing we started in class, which I finished up later during the weekend. Still some kinks to work out, some things that aren't angled properly, little details I need to add. She is a wicked hard grader, I don't expect much from this, but I am trying to pay more attention to line weight and sensitivity here.

2D Design-
Our latest project is about rhythm in architecture. Here are some thumbnails of old photos I took (Left to right, bottom to top: denver art museum, san diego convention center, the arc de triumphe, my basement, florida beach house, the golden gate bridge, music experience museum seattle, sheridan) I like it because it reflects all the trips I've been on over the years :) I do love me some traveling
This is the final I did, 8x13 on 10x15 illustration board in gouache

Color Theory-
Finished the DAMNED motifs. Turned them in today
Also got assigned this "fridge" assignment, which I adapted to my pantry. We were to mix swatches according to the items in our fridge. Mine sucked, but I still got 8.2 out of 10 on it...which apparently in Canada is an A? WTF mate. (its messy, I know, I glued everything down an hour before class)
In class today we did our first still life (finally, REAL painting!) It was dreadfully boring, as it was all white objects. The only thing that bothers me about this is how unstraight everything is...she forbids us from sketching it out with pencil first. It's all in paint. (this is SLIGHTLY bent over in the picture though, I'm not that crappy at it) I kind of felt crappy about this work, but whenever she came over she never had anything to say (and trust me, she always has something to say) At the end of class she looked at it for a minute and asked "have you painted before?" I told her I took a class (well I did....two years ago) and she said something about how it worked and blah blah blah. I think that means it was good??

Drawing Systems-
More perspective. This is the toy I'm designing out of shapes in 2 point perspective. It's going to be a race car :D
Some shapes in 1 point
Aaaaand in 2 point.

So that's what I've been up to.
I keep seeing all this crazy cool work online, and it really makes me want to break out and just get really creative, some time really soon.
Reading week is in two weeks. As for right now, I'm just staying here, maybe driving to Michigan one day to get my noodles and company fix, or maybe around upstate New York to see the fall colors, but mostly I'll be doing homework (we are supposed to get assigned extra work over the break) and hopefully portfolio work, and some fun stuff (that still contributes to my portfolio). You know, comics, illustrations, and the like. That'd be good.

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