Thursday, October 21, 2010

Digital Art

Been photoshopping it up.
Above is a pony, that's really ridiculously cute.
Below is something I was messing around with, one of my recent drawings. Didn't finish, don't think I will
This one I did directly over an old picture of mine, rather infamous in my mind. I wanted to do some painting with something of a better reference. It was supposed to be a split complement color scheme, but my exhaustion and bad lighting made me go with yellow instead of orange...oh well. Looks nice, but I think color theory is getting to me.
Every time I browse digital art, I'm always amazed at how many different styles people create. I can only figure out one way to paint on the computer, but I really want to try more! I guess I should keep messing around. It's a nice medium mostly because of how clean it is. The paints never dry out, and if someone knocks on my door, its not a problem for me to get up and talk to them. But there are just so many things I don't understand, the whole process feels oddly unnatural to me. My hand doesn't feel odd.

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  1. Both of those "paintings" are sweet. I love the use of yellow, which I don't see much in real life. It makes them very surreal.