Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sketchbook Updates

See? I told you my pencil sketches were better. I've been doing some character design research/practice. I'll need a really solid character for my sheridan portfolio.
Above, left to right: The Queen, Mae, Popsicle
Below, left to right: Bears, Magee, Sally Mustang, AJ, Jet Sinister (I'm undecided on his hairstyle atm), Aya

Sound familiar? Thats because I came up with most of the character concepts in July 09. In fact, the sketches are in one of my posts on this blog.
Here's some other sketchbook work from recent


In 3D yesterday we had to make a giant cardboard shoe. This is what my group did in 2 and 1/2 hours. Not bad, although I don't think she was pleased that we chose a flip-flop, which has very little form. But we destroyed the detail on the strap, so I think we should be a decent grade.
Whats up in drawing class? Here's what!
Gonna do the refined piece for this next week:
Extra Life Drawing yields:

Last weekend we went to a haunted house emporium. Basically a bunch of walk through thingys where people in costume do their very best to freak you out. I only made it through 1 of the 5, because Christian freaked out and we decided to sit out the rest of the night. I had an awesome time watching all the performers walking around the lines scaring the crap out of people, even chasing some.
Also of note was a party I went to friday night which was EXACTLY like the halloween party in Mean Girls. It was uncanny. Weirded me out. They even had the same music.
Yep, so thats been life lately. Been very busy arting it up. The more I do it, the more I enjoy it and get into it. I'm loving this!!

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