Monday, June 8, 2009

Plan B

What will I do if I don't get into calarts OR ringling? Well, I've narrowed it down to the following:

1. Go somewhere else and stay there.
I have either CCA, SCAD, RMCAD, AAU, or Full Sail. They are all good schools and I'm sure I could do well at any of them.

2. Do something else for a year and then apply again.
A. Travel- but I will be SO FREAKING BROKE by the end of it
B. Work- earn some money for calarts
C. Go to CU or Front Range- I could get some general ed credits out of the way for less.

The only thing about this is that I have worked SO HARD. I don't just want to...not go to my top school. Any of these would include moving out of course. No way am I staying home.

3. Go to another art school for a year and then apply again the next year
But the thing is, art school is expensive. And you can't transfer into calarts. So then I'm paying for 5 years of expensive college

4. Pursue something else
Like what?? I was going to do advertising before I decided on animation. Maybe I could go into biology, you know, be a doctor, nurse, researcher like my dad. I mean it's a pretty big field. I could even go into medical illustration...not that I know what that is. I could possibly be a writer, too.

I think what most people do is 2. C. I guess that makes sense. But I would just be so embarassed to do that. And what if I don't get in again? I can't keep putting off my dreams forever...

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