Monday, June 8, 2009

Today I plan on going to the art students league of denver for a figure drawing session. I am a little nervous for a number of reasons.
-First off, I haven't actually been to a nude session. Usually you have to be 18, but I got a permission form signed for this. The closest I got to nude was when a sub came in wearing a thong. Me and my friend had some trouble being mature about this, since it was a man.
-It's in Denver, which is an hour away. And the class ends at 9:30. So I get to be in an unfamiliar city doing something new and then leaving after dark. Yikes
-Obviously, there are going to be a lot of tenured adult artists there. My stuff is going to PALE in comparison to what they do I'm sure.
-The registration seems kind of complicated

So yea. But hopefully I can do this a couple times a week, plus my own amateur sessions, and then go to pearl every once and awhile and things will get better.

I am supposed to play around with the subject. From what I understand, I think I am supposed to screw making it look as realistic as possible. While thats something really cool to do (you know, perfectly render a subject) I think thats not what calarts is looking for.
I was browsing through the acceptance portfolios from this year though...and I really don't get it. Some are amazing and you're like "well of course they got in!" and others are like "how...? how did this person get accepted based off this?" So maybe I have a chance?

I need to practice hands and faces more. Faces especially. I really suck at them. They look for that stuff. They are also key in expression, which is important in animation.

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