Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekly Art Thingy

So, I have some real art today, but I would just like to take a look at a "before and after" thing.

These are some 1 minute gestures I did in January, at the very beginning of my class. Now, I'm not totally new to drawing, no. I've been drawing my whole life. But I never really focused on the human body. I always do more abstract stuff and just played around with ideas.
These are some 1 minute gestures done in May. See the difference? I am not amazing, but I came a very long way in 4 and 1/2 months. Hopefully, I can double my overall improvement by the time it comes to apply.
And now...
today I had my thingy out back with rowan as a model. I will not lie to you: I failed pretty hardcore today.

I was really unsure of what I was doing to begin with. Trying to do things in this whole, different way is kind of confusing because I'm not sure what I am aiming for. I like the limbs here, especially to lower leg. Leaving that line open was the hardest thing to do, but somehow I feel like it works. The torso got too thick (rowan is quite skinny) and the head...well lets just say small, horrible heads were a theme today.

Again, I like the legs, and the torso, while still too thick, still worked well. The shoulders fell too far to the side and the head=fail.

This was a really nice, interesting pose and somehow I absolutely slaughtered it. Whenever people lie down I tend to completely flatten them out.

So I tried it again, with some different colors, and it come out a little bit better, but the shoulders still died a terrible deak, as did the neck. I wish I could have fit her whole figure on the page. I think that would help strengthen the composition. this one I just find funny. Rowan took a "stripper" pose against a beam and we had to go fast, because she was getting a lot of splinters. The head failed so HARD here I just ripped some paper off and redid it. Unfortunately it still doesn't look right.

Rowan finally took down her long, flaming hair (which I wish she had done earlier because she looked quite manly with her hair up) and I made the head absolutely gigantic just to avoid tiny head syndrome. It would have been ok if I hadn't gotten so carried away with her hair (which was really fun)

I wish I had a teacher or something to tell me what I am doing wrong while I am doing it. Maybe I should take my dad up on that offer to find me a tutor. There just aren't any figure drawing CLASSES around which drives me crazy!

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