Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sketchbook Stuff

I have been doing a bit in my sketchbook the past two days. Just thought I'd share.

Last night I got the sudden urge to do some I did some of me. Yay! Here they are:

This one came out a lot sexier than it really was...but I guess thats ok? I just really exagerrated it.

awkward face
A close up of moi. Got a little squished on the page.

Probably one of my more preferred. I felt like I captured the pose with the minimum amount of drawing.

I tried to work with just shading and no lines. I couldn't help myself some places though...

Today I went to a Rockies game. I was pretty excited to capture a lot of faces but my dads girlfriend got us a box suite thingy. SO NOT BASEBALL. It was like a hotel. There were leather couches and a hotdog buffet and a fridge...geez. And we were in front on the patio-seating area-thing so I really saw nothing but the game
Blind contours of hands are neat ^.^ Unfortunately it almost looks better when I DON'T look at my paper...
I like the catchers feet...

The pitcher did this a lot, which made it easy to draw, because I saw it over again. I unfortunately spent a lot of time trying to get a batter mid-swing, but they hardly did that and it went by so fast...

So yep. Thats about it. I think I am going to a park tomorrow or maybe pearl to do some more gestures and such.
I have almost filled this sketchbook. I am quite proud of that ^.^

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