Sunday, June 7, 2009


I decided I needed a place to blog and post art solely about, well, my art. I didn't want to interefere with personal blogs or facebook or anything like that, so here I am. I don't expect anyone to visit. This is just for me and my goals.
I am 17 and applying to college in the upcoming fall. I really want to pursue animation. Why? Well, there are a lot of different reasons. And no, it's not because I went and saw The Lion King when I was 5 and decided thats what I wanted to do. When I saw the lion king, I wanted to be a lion, not an animator.
I guess thats sort of the reason though. I want to be involved and deeply connected with my work. I can't run around pretending to be those animals anymore, but I can inspire others to do so. And I can still create stories about their adventures and so on. I guess I am just very dedicated to storytelling overall, as well as creating something people will remember for the rest of their lives. Maybe I'm not curing cancer, but I at least want to impact people somehow.
So thats it, I suppose. I can't pretend to be things, but animation is the closest I can get. And I like hard work, you know? Animation is probably one of the most demanding art careers you can pursue. So obviously it's right for me. :)

I particularly want to go to calarts. Also known as one of the best animation schools. Ever. But it's really hard to get in. Duh. So I guess this blog will be all about my portfolio, my work, applying, and hopefully about my experience once I get in.
So it's sort of like one of those weight loss blogs. Where they set a goal and a date and then they write about it and somehow that helps. Maybe it'll work for me. I just need a place to bitch about my artistic problems I think. So here I am.
I have a lot to say, but it's kind of late and I have a filling in the morning, although I'm sure I'll think of it later. I'm kind of like a broken record these days.

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